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Family Roots
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    Explore your family tree and discover your ancestors...

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    About Us

    What we do


    At Family Roots we love to explore and discover ancestors stories and lineage to present to our clients. Unearth and learn the history of your past and see how your families evolved on your very own family tree.

    Family Roots will provide an in depth analysis of an individual’s family tree using genealogy; people can discover their ancestors, with documentation if needed, including details of birth, marriage and death through parents, grandparents and great grandparents and more.

    This can include tracing their family ancestors occupations, medical conditions, military and education as far back as possible using genealogy.

    What we offer


    As your family tree researcher Family Roots will offer: 

    · Free consultation including a guide to what hourly project   is suitable for your family history

    · Online access to Ancestry.co.uk to view your own family   tree records free for the first year

    · Gedcom file supplied by email or on CD storing all your   complete family tree details 

    · A4 Binder containing

       - A3 Pedigree chart showing your direct ancestors of your      family tree

       - Kinship report

       - Detailed listing of your direct ancestors

       - Notable Ancestors (if applicable)




    Begin your family tree with a 60 hour project with basic information on approx. 2-3 generations of your family tree



    Begin or continue your family tree with a 90 hour project. Fill out the branches of your tree and take your family further back in time.



    Finalise and build your family tree with a 120 hour project. Know more about the lives of your ancestors up to 4-5 or more generations


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    Family Roots

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    jw@familyroots.co or 07947 188690